Explore the Opportunities

SJIP acts as a matchmaking service between you and our affiliated companies in Japan. Using the information you provide, we can custom-match you to a tailor-fit internship opportunity that will help you improve your skills and achieve your career goals. Based upon demand, we have sorted current opportunities into two main categories: technology-related internships (e.g., IT, Computer Science, etc.), and Japanese language internships.

Technology-Related Internships

Interns currently studying or with existing experience in technology-related fields are in high demand from Japanese companies.

These fields can range anywhere from Artificial Intelligence, to Web Design, to Robotics, and to others. If you possess a skillset in one or many of these areas, your Japanese language level can range anywhere from non-existent to native fluency.

Japanese Language Internships

Interns studying or who have existing experience in Japanese language have a variety of choices when it comes to internships.

If you have proficiency in Japanese at a conversational level or higher, this will allow you to participate in an internship within many fields or practices outside of the opportunities categorized within the technology sector.